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Namasté, my name is Rousnie Khemai

My grandmother passed away when I was 12 years old. That was the first time I had the opportunity to witness a cremation up close. For 12 days after her cremation, a priest came to our home. Normally only Ramayan is read.

The  Ramayan  is a sizeable  epic  from  India . Together with the  Mahabharat  it is an important cultural cornerstone of the  hinduism . This time the Garurh Puran was also read. This writing deals with the many and multifaceted aspects of worldly life, as well as life after death. Subjects such as the path of the soul after leaving the body, how this path is determined and what underlies it, are discussed herein. 

It is also stated that if the ashes of a deceased are scattered in the holy river Ganges, then the soul will immediately skip all roads and go to god himself. This is also called Paradise by most people. Dialogue is conducted in a most excellent manner, in which the questions are answered by God. These 'questions and answers' not only provide people with insights about their own actions and experiences, but also provide answers to many life questions that we have to deal with.  


After we were able to collect the urn from the crematorium, we traveled to India and my grandmother's ashes were scattered in the Ganges. I have always remembered this because this was a very special moment for me to say goodbye to my grandmother for the last time.

My interest has always been to ask friends or relatives what they want after death. Many people prefer not to talk about it or usually say “that can be decided by my children or relatives”. I always have that bad  found it very special and it is a pity that people often do not think about it themselves. The taboo must be broken here! You want to give your next of kin the certainty that they have done everything right according to your wishes.


Last May in 2020 my dear aunt passed away, we were flooded with emotions. This was the moment when a lot had to be arranged. What to do first and what to do next.. 

Her last wish was to be strewn in the Ganges, and it happened.

During the mourning I often thought: What if someone has no one to take him or her to India to be scattered? Or that the next of kin want to do this for their loved one, but have the opportunity or no time for it due to the hectic pace of daily life or work. What are the possibilities?

"It feels like my calling to be able to do this"


I then researched what options there are, but unfortunately I couldn't find anything or anyone who could help people with this. The corona has made it possible to send your loved one's urn as a package to India, so that someone can scatter it for you there. I got goosebumps just thinking about it...

What couldn't go wrong!? For example, the urn could get lost.

How much confidence can you have that the ashes will be scattered in the Ganges and not in a gutter or under a tree somewhere! My whole existence immediately said NO, this must be possible!  

With those thoughts and feelings I started Ganga Visardjan. In this way I can be there for people who want to be strewn in the Ganges, but don't have the means. I want to be there for the bereaved who respect the wishes of their loved ones, but they may not be able to do it themselves, it could be due to work or other reasons. I guarantee all these next of kin that I will scatter the ashes in the Ganges. The entire church service with ashes scattering will be filmed with the photo of your loved one. When you return, we will hand over this film to you on a USB stick.

With kind regards,  


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